HI guys, just seen another Michael Jackson signed sketch, what are your thoughts on this one, there seems a few around at present.

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No offence taken at all. Roger is very respected and I myself respect his opinion and I run items past him on many occasions. I am also available if people need any help here on AML with authentication questions.
I am very well schooled in Michael Jackson's signing habits and autograph variations over his lifetime. I also have many Michael Jackson family members and insiders available to help with additional information. P.A.A.S. has at this time a library of over 2500 Michael Jackson authentic signed exemplars that include sketches, lyrics, notes & letters and signed items for fans, family and business associates.
I can always be reached at specialagent711@aol.com
Roger Epperson's email would be  roger@signedsealeddel.com and also think that at this time Steve Cyrkin could also be a great help with his knowledge of Michael Jackson signatures.

Thanks Michael. :)  You were a very good part of the Juliens/Bush/MJ sig styles thread :) and how interesting that all is/was. 

For those new or not familiar with how to find other threads on MJ signatures, you can type Michael Jackson in the right upper hand corner search bar and find more threads to read through.  Be sure to check out this one though---while it is a lot of reading, there is a lot to learn from it.  http://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/michael-jackson-sign... 

Micheal, its nice when the 'good guys' are nice guys as well. Thank you for input here & kuddos for the kind word @ Steve Cyrkin! have a gr8 weekend!


Thanks for your advice, but it's very difficult with whom you,r to believe, with so many of the experts dissagreeing with one another.

I agree with that Dennis! LOL Have a good day.

Both Roger Epperson and Michael Frost are two though that I would use.  I don't know anyone else that knows the MJ sigs like them.  If you take the time to read the thread I mentioned earlier--and as I mentioned its a lot of reading - but very educational (search upper corner for Julien's Michael Jackson signature styles)... you will see they are both on top of their game with MJ sig identification.

Hi Dennis,

For MJ sketches, i would go with Roger Epperson and him alone. Even the PSA certed sketches i would get checked by Roger before buying. This will give you the best bet on getting an accurate authenticity opinion.

Does this email look familiar Mr Frost,from you confirming the above MJ drawing and signature is genuine and I purchased it based on your findings...

Matthew George,
I have looked up your account and have only found,
gpbankstreet1 ( 3720Red star icon for feedback score in between 1,000 to 4,999) Not a registered user.. It was listed under a different name but also from the UK.
   What is your new eBay users name and what e-mail was this submission sent from in 2009. We have no records of ever issuing you any Letters of Authentication or you sending in any submissions for autograph authentication. We do see you have used our On-line examination service in the past. However the e-mail you have shown is not complete and the e-mail would have also said that this is "based upon the review of a scan" and not a Letter of Authentication.  
Can you let me know were you obtained this item and if it was listed on ebay in 2009. Did you recently sell or have this drawing posted on ebay? Please let us know so we can help you further and open a file on this examination.
The item however posted on this discussion is in my belief not to be authentic. This is based upon much research and investigation on both Michael Jackson's signature variations and styles and his know authentic artwork and sketch's.  

I would never purchase a Michael Jackson drawing unless it came from Katherine Jackson herself or a Jackson family member. I have a photo of authentic MJ drawings (from Katherine's personal collection). I'll see if I can find it so you can see the glaring difference in the so-called authenticated drawings.

Yes, please post them would be much appriciated.

Thanks Michael, I'd appreciate that.



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