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Hi everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well. I recently purchased a small collection of items from my country's most infamous turncoat, Pedro Paterno. The collection comprises photographs and a letter from an aristocratic resort in Biarritz. I'm hoping for advice on how to display this collection, or if I should at all. The name is obscure and this might differ from the threads I normally post, but I still value your opinions.

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Hi Luke,

I got your message. Due to the nature of these items I would make high resolution scans and print them on matte paper for the letters and glossy for the photographs and frame those. If the photographs depict something to do with the letters, frame those items together. You get the idea. I don't think framing all 5 (or 7?) items together would look good. A sage green mat with a brown native wood frame would look nice I think for a set of two. I'd avoid any sort of plaque.

Hi Eric,

Would you include a picture of Paterno (the man who wrote the letter) on the display? He's a pretty important historical figure here—our Benedict Arnold as I've told you before. As much as possible, I want people to know it was his hand that wrote the letter and snapped those pictures.

Thanks for the great input, as always.

Yes, indeed, show the man. Try to get as early an image as possible. If one must make a copy a matte finish might look best? Oval in the mat for this?

Hi Eric,

This was the earliest photo of the man I could find, along with a portrait by a national artist. Unfortunately, that photo sold for almost $2000 and the painting for almost $500k, far beyond the budget of a college student. I will have to print out either of these images.

An oval mat sounds like a great idea. 

If you print the CDV do one on matte paper and then another on glossy where you trim out the photo and paste it over the matte one. It will look a bit beter.

PS - I meant to frame - find an old image to frame. Might have some value and that would be good.

Got it. Thanks Eric!

Sure Luke. Put the photos and letters safely away in mylar.

I believe one man in this picture is Paterno himself. I will probably frame the note along with this photo and one of the other photos of the resort.

Also, I realized something pretty unique! Paterno signed the note on the 21st of August, which is Ninoy Aquino Day (a national holiday). I find it fascinating to have a notorious turncoat sign something on the holiday of a celebrated hero.

I too wondered about the men in this image. Can you send an enlargement of the man in question?

I suspect this to be Paterno. 

Oh, I'll need a much higher DPI larger scan to do my work. It looks fuzzy in which case you might be left with a tasty but unprovable "maybe", Let's see what the better image and clothes say. My old images are on or from glass negatives and can be blown up to life size with no loss of image.


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