As you probably know, Prague was the capital city of tennis game for this couple days - opening year of Laver Cup was played in Prague in presence of superstars of this sport and its history... Autographs were quite difficult thing but I was able to get some autographs on Laver Cup programme (sold for only 5 €!) - Rafael Nadal (current wold number 1), Alexander Zverev (current wold no. 4), Sam Querrey (current no. 16) and the man himself - Rod Laver. Due to my big fault I sadly missed the main man behind this project - legendary "author" of this idea, Roger Federer (sadly I arrived late about one hour :().

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I am a big tennis fan and I live in California. I go to Indian Wells every year and I also write through the mail. Roger has been pretty tough lately, but he still sends autographs through the mail. 

I have a Miami 2008 program signed by Nadal, Federer, Djokovic and Murray, pretty much the pinnacle of my collection. I also have Borg and McEnroe on a beautiful photo and I am working on having Sampras and Agassi on a photo as well.

Congrats on your success!

i am a big borg and McEnroe fan so would love to see the picture

I will post it later on when I finish work.

Here it is, both acquired through the mail.  McEnroe always personalizes his. Two of the favorite photos in my collection!

Taking some promotional pictures in center of Prague in front of one of their hotels (each team had different hotel). Due to very strict security reasons, it wasnt possible to obtain any autograph there - at that event.

Great Photos.  I'm a player - have been since age 12.  And I acquired these just as a tennis fan, long before I ever started "collecting" rock-n-roll autographs.  Here are three of mine.  Interesting we have the same MacEnroe photo!! 

Very nice! That McEnroe photo is one of not that many high resolution photos available online, I think that's why a lot of people are having autographs on them. I have a Sampras inscribed auto, I have only met him once in person.

I finally managed to take some pics! :)

Rafael Nadal (at front page of programme as it all happened in a hurry and I wasnt able to find better fitting pages (and there would be actually many of them...).

Great Rod Laver...
Great talent Alexander Zverev...

Sam Querrey as the last one.


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