Two of these were bought on eBay when I wasn’t the wisest collector in the world. However, we have all been a beginner once. I thought I might just check with you guys the authenticity of these autographs as it would be nice to get a second opinion from professionals themselves. If anyone needs a better photo to help me find out the state of these autographs please do let me know. 

Thank you, for taking the time to read this and help a fellow collector out. Good luck to you all and happy collecting. 

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Thought I might add close ups as the photos prior aren’t the easiest to tell if they are real or fake. 

Thanks once again for reading this. 

It’s a good idea to put the name(s) of the celebrity in the title to get more views.  With three of them, you might just add the last names.  Sorry though, I can’t help on these.

Sorry, I will be sure to do that next time thanks. 

at the first photo i can see a part of the certificate and wondering you can post the whole certificate.sorry to say but just seeing the part of it i think this is not good news. i guess a company from england?

ill be sure to post the certificate I have one for Benedict Cumberbatch and the other for Evangeline Lilly. They came with them from eBay I should have posted a pic of that not sure why I didn’t I’m such an idiot I’m not at home right now but I will be sure to post it to you. I’m not sure about where the COAs are from. Apologies for not posting them straight away. Thank you for your help and time.

Thanks once again. 

Seems as if the photos aren’t attached to the ‘thanks again’ message apologies I’ll send it again image.jpg image.jpg sorry this seems to be the only way I can send you the images I’m new to this apologies. 

Benedict ins`t looking good

Is it fake or are you not 100%? Is there still hope or is it just false hope at this point? Thanks anyway.

Btw you have some amazing taste and fantastic autographs wish I was advanced at collecting authentic autographs the few I have are quite Frankish sadly either fake or I don’t if they are real if you could ever give me advice on how to collect and find real authentic autographs on eBay and who might be good to send letters to I would be really grateful. Thank you ever so much for your time. 

thanks! well cumberbatch just looks a bit to clean to me but i can`t say 100% real or false

No problem, I agree with you on that. To be honest both Evangeline Lilly and Benedict look like that but I don’t knows they are good fakes in my opinion if they are fake but what do I know I’m a beginner. 



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