This is my first time on this site. I am looking to buy an authentic autographed Mariano Rivera jersey. I found one online that looks legitimate and includes a certificate of authenticity. However, the thing that makes me skeptical is it is selling for $299, and considering an authentic jersey alone costs $195, I was wary of this price.

I am not knowledgable regarding what to look for to gauge the authentcity, so I was hoping board members would be able to help me. I have attached the three pictures from the website, but have not provided the link at this time because I was afraid if it was authentic, someone else may buy it quickly.

Thanks for you help and please message me if there is more information needed to determine this.

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Stay away from anything GAI authenticated "signed" by Rivera. 

Yeah I just googled the company and found numerous threads on other websites that were trashing GAI. I guess that's why it was such a low price...very unfortunate that I let myself get my hopes up. Thanks for the input and help! Glad I didn't waste my money.

When it comes to buying sigs, don't always go the cheap route. It's much better to spend $100 more and have an authentic autograph, rather than some fat guy Bill's autograph who lives in a basement. 

Thanks again. That completely makes sense and that's why I was so skeptical when I saw the price. 


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