I would appreciate opinions on the authenticity of this Neil Armstrong autograph.  Thanks!

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A strange one, old auto pen?

Thank you.  Not sure specifically what you mean by “old,” but it’s from around 1982-84.  Was request by mail.

Its not new.

That is an Autopen - signed by a machine - sorry. 

Steve Zarrelli will certainly be able to say which template etc.

I love your investigative work Eric.

I was just looking at this sig

Thanks Shawn. :)

Thanks everyone.  I’m disappointed but not surprised.

would you mind sharing your opinion on these Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin autographs?  They were all sent in the mail around 1982-84.


You are welcome. :)

The Collins is Autopen pattern 3, Aldrin is a preprint of some kind - I just saw another example. I only know a small fraction about space sigs. Steve Zarrelli will know much much more.

AstroAutopens see Collins Pattern 3

I think the Aldrin is most likely to be authentic, as it’s the only one with an inscription.

I’m amazed that Michael Collins would have used an autopen, as I wouldn’t have thought his autograph demand was that high back then.

If you search with Google images for "Aldrin Autopen" or "Michael Collins Autopen" you will see them pop up fast. They are both at the link I gave as well. What is the inscription on the Aldrin? If not generic, that might have been written by hand but I don't know by who. The little bit I can see suggests another pen. Aldrin is pattern 3 as well - and also C. 1979.

I don’t have a photo of the inscription handy, but it was inscribed to my brother, so not generic.  I’m not sure it matters who wrote the inscription at this point if the autograph itself isn’t authentic.

0 for 3.  Disappointing.

Out of curiosity, were most people who mailed in an autograph request given autopen signatures by these three?  My brother was probably around eight years old at the time, so hard for me to believe they would’ve seen him as  someone looking to make a profit off of the signatures. 




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