Hi, I saw this online and I am curioys as to whether or not these signatures look genuine or if they are fake.

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Absolutely fake.

How can you tell? I don't know much about autograph authenticity so I'm curious.

The signatures aren't at all close to authentic counterparts. Whoever forged this was pretty lazy too, using the same pen and writing style. Even if he'd done a better job faking the signatures, this is not an easy set to complete and nearly impossible with the exact same pen. Most of these actors don't do conventions, so the pristine nature of this makes little sense. I don't think Rickman signed much, if any Potter items. 

I'm guessing this was really cheap.

It was about $150 online. And I know Alan never signed HP stuff when it came to fan mail, however I don't know about the HP premiers.

That price is a dead giveaway. An authentic piece with those signatures would hundreds more. $5 is too much for that junk.

I thought it was too good to be true. I'm mainly interested in getting a Rickman autograph but the authentic ones are extremely pricy and then there are the ones that are obviously fake.

The only member of that cast I've met is Felton, and I have no idea what that forger was trying to do there.

I haven't met anyone from the HP cast so you can count yourself lucky!
The person selling is some random person on a shopping app believe it or not. They don't have any other autographs for sale. Price is over $100 but I did contact the seller asking about it. They did have a certificate of authenticity but I take that with a grain of salt. Do you know why Rickman never signed HP stuff?

Not really sure. If you join this group, you can ask - there are some pros there who tried over the years (a couple succeeded). https://www.facebook.com/groups/realautographcollectorsclub/

Think this looks fake too?

I'm not super well versed in Rickman, but that's decidedly closer. He really didn't sign much HP stuff - I've heard most collectors say they couldn't get him to do it. Not that he never did, but it was especially rare. If it was me, I'd ask questions to the seller about how he got it, since it was something of a feat. Who's selling?



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