what does anyone else think of this album,starting bid 7000 I think genuine but might be wrong number is 162668108672 have a look 

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I don't like it.

ok thanks ballroom I dont usually like autographs without authentication but 7000 is a lot of money without it,needed to show on here for sure! 

Also looking at the album again the signatures are in uniform maybe too much with the beatles names,not like on other albums i have seen by them.

I dont believe its a legitimate Bestles set.

I don't like 'em...

thanks guys I just emailed the seller and asked him if there was any authentication at all as not in the listing he said no so there we go then, its a shame though as I was getting excited at first for a new lp by the boys


thanks everyone for your opinions

I do not believe that this is authentic. A big NO!!.

Well call me crazy but I think the signatures are OK. The flow seems correct as does the formation. There might be an issue with the n in John but other than that I like this set.

I do not like the -a- in Harrison. Too sharp and pointed for my liking.

OK after a long hard look at the signatures I have come to my senses. I now agree with everyone and believe the signatures are not genuine.



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