Hi everyone.

Just thought I'd canvass opinion on the authenticity of this partial set:



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OK'd by Roger Epperson......from circa 1966.

Thanks, Jim.

Yes I saw that in the description ... look OK to you?

They look OK...nice & clean...you gonna bid?

Ah maybe ... just watching the market. Seems to be going up ...

The market for the good Beatles stuff has always held it's own. I've been a serious collector for over 35 years..(and a HUGE fan since Ed Sullivan in '64)...and the prices at auction for autographs...handwritten items...personally owned items...concert material...etc...has always been strong. The Beatles have become historical figures of 20th Century culture. You can't do much better than that!

The signatures look awesome. Other than missing Paul, these are winners.

Thanks for your input

Lennon's "h" looks unusual, and there's no attempt at an "n". 

Thanks for the input. Are you suggesting it's rushed / atypical or suspect, in your view?


Suspect. I don't recall seeing one like that. Perhaps Ringo and George were in the album and someone wanted to boost it by adding John. Who knows....


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