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What is the opinion on that set and is a pencil set less desirable  than a set with any other pen?


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Less desirable but pencil never fades. 

Ok but why actually less desirable when it wont fade? What would be a good price for that set in your opinion? 

It will always be succeptible to smudging.

And the contrast to be had with a pencil is not great when compared to well preserved fountain pen or ballpoint. Blue or black. Many blacks are actually a very dark deep blue.

I’d say 6-8 k. 

Hah, That was my guess!

That is true. Over 100 years w/o any change as long as the paper holds up. This set is a bit smudged for me. For Nick, pencil is less desirable then a fountain pen or ballpoint - but those utensils are a bit less stable than graphite. Both can yellow to a blueish green while graphite remains the same (w/o abrasion etc).

Thanks Erik and what would you think is a good price for such a pencil set?

Oh, that is a question for the Beatles guys. Ballroom, Fab, and all the rest.

Ok thanks for your expertise!!! 

Sure :) Happy to.

On price, I would check out recent pencil set sales on some of the main Beatles dealers sites. Tracks, Frank C, etc. Obviously they have profit margins after purchasing them from fans/sellers. If you are buying from similar source you should offer a little bit more than a dealer would. Do your homework. 


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