Any thoughts on these? I am new here so I hope I am allowed to ask....

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Where did you get these?

Bonhams-see invoice..Thoughts?


right, trying to send invoice

cant see flip button on my screen...second from left is a image button and than media

You can flip photos in your phone or regular camera and they'll upload just right.


I flipped your photos of John, Paul and George's autographs and used the image button, the second from the left on the toolbar, to display them as images instead of files. The buttons are often not visible on iPhones, iPads and some Android phones and tablets.

I remember these...this was from the Bonhams auction in Japan in 1997. I have the catalog...Look to be from late '62-very early 1963...


anyway you can post a copy of page and catalog? Would be helpful when I go to sell. Thanks

Look good. Pages taken from an autograph book and as stated, 1962 signatures.  

I need some info on these signatures. Thoughts? Paid a lot of money for this a long time ago.

I love this site!

They look good to me although a bit unusual. John sometimes did sign as ‘Johnny’ in the early days but most of the “Johnny” signatures I have seen have been a year or two earlier than this set, no reason it couldn’t happen but there were many sets signed that same day and don’t recall seeing any others from that day signed As Johnny. Anyway, unusual or not I still think they’re likely good.



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