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Sitting with a buddy of mine in N.S. and he showed me several of his signed items. I would really appreciate opinions on these. This Lp was supposedly acquired by a NEMS employee by the name of John Parry. Thoughts?

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the Beatles definitely did not sign that.

That Help needs some help. There are only very few of these that were ever signed and this isn't one of them.  

Yes I'm in agreement. He purchased it at the Beatles auction in Liverpool in 1988. I think they have gotten better with their examination of what goes into the sale.

"Heilige bim bam" as we say over here.

I feel bad for your buddy. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, even the most reputable auction houses got fooled and sold a lot of Beatles forgeries.

Also in the late 90s. I bought a couple!!!

These are basically the same "autographs" that I have on my 1964 Beatles fan club letter, saying"Welcome to the club"...Not the real thing...

Makes me wonder just how many people over all these years have purchased bogus signed Beatles albums, or sig sets, and paid big money.

Lots of folks Bob.....lots of folks!!!

I was at the same auction. There were 2 lots we were interested in and to not create more competition we flipped for first choice. My buddy won and went after the signed Lp. I went after a signed 4 Aces tour program. My buddy bought the Lp for £225 and I won the program for £219. The program was signed by John any Paul and Neil Aspinall signed for George and Ringo.

Strangely, I had a similar experience about 10 years later. In my case the auctioneer told me that there was another customer interested in bidding on a fully-signed LP and a fully-signed programme I was thinking of bidding on. She suggested that we each go for one to avoid a bidding war on both. Slightly odd in a way but I was a good and regular customer at the time so I don't think she was pulling a fast one. Needless to say, I chose to go for the LP which I got for £1,700 plus buyer's premium. The programme went for £1,400. I had my LP nicely framed up and salivated over it for well over 10 years. It was only after reading threads on here that I realised how rare signed LPs are and how unlikley it was that I would have picked one up for less than £2k, even in 1999. I am pretty sure that the programme was also "too perfect" too though the price was perhaps not quite as ridiculously low as my LP.    

I'll never forget the time about 20 years ago that I was at a collectibles show and I saw this booth filled with signed albums. Just as I got to the booth I heard someone ask the guy dealer if he had a fully signed Beatles album. And the dealer's response was "I sure do but I don't display them, which one are you looking for"? I left the booth immediately.



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