Blink-182 Signature Study: Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, Travis Barker

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You should consider posting this in my group: the evolution of the celebrity signature. Well done!
Thanks Bradford!!! Feel free to repost it wherever you deem beneficial!

i got this signed at a show in 1995. mark was signing his full name through the spring of 1996.

tom signed the back of this flyer in may, 1996, backstage. "sorry about the lip" is for my girlfriend at the time, who got her face cut on the barricade during the show. note "tom blink."

if you have any other questions about the band, please do ask. i saw them over 50 times between 1995 and 1999.

Davey, thanks so much for the photos/info. Those are incredible and an awesome story!

Hey Ryan - I am thinking about adding a Blink piece to the collection. Wondering your thoughts on this piece I found signed by Tom and Mark...
Attachments: No photo uploads here
Authentic IMO, and Travis signed it too with his "short sig". That's an interesting piece as Mark changed his signature drastically right after TOYPAJ was released so this is RIGHT before he switched it up!

Thanks Ryan! What would be a fair price for a fully signed Blink album like that one? 

Sorta hard to say, I've seen nice full band autos go for $75-$100ish (due to people being skeptical about the autos IMO). I've also sold some full band signed Untitled posters for $175-$225. That's signed on the inside cover so it isn't ideal for display, but it's no doubt real and signed in 2001. I'd try to get it for $75-$100. The band sold signed posters on their site for $40 occasionally so it's all over the place, but full band signed albums are fairly rare!
Thanks for the info sir. I also noticed looking at past auctions that price is all over the place. I was able to grab that album for $40 so it sounds like a good deal for my first item, considering it would be a good item to display as well.
Definitely a nice pickup at that price. I've gotten some sweet Travis stuff for as low as $30, just gotta have a good eye!

Neat story as part of my research on this project:

So around 2006, Tom had formed the new band "Angels & Airwaves" and their debut CD was titled "We Don't Need To Whisper". I have been looking to find a signed album of this, and have found that this particular piece is forged quite often. Around this time, Tom decided to switch his signature to a "T". The problem, is a few of the other band members had very simple signatures as well. Atom's is a fairly simple "Atom", David Kennedy's was typically "DK". Ryan Sinn's is the only one that really shows much character. Thus due to the simplicity of the sigs, I have found this album is common set of forgeries.

I've seen some that I was skeptical about, so I decided to try and contact the band. I was able to tweet Atom, who thankfully replied to several "signatures" I sent him, and he told me 2 were not his. He also sent me a picture of how his autograph should look. Similarly, I contacted Ryan Sinn who sent me a picture of how his autograph should look, and even explained some common characteristics of it. Incredibly cool to hear from these people directly about their signatures.

Here is an AUTHENTIC 2006 "We Don't Need To Whisper" signed cd obtained via pre-order promo (These seem to be the ones where Tom used "T" a lot):

Here is an AUTHENTIC WDNTW album, signed IP at a Meet & Greet:

Here are 2 FORGERIES (confirmed by 2 members in the band):

Here is as bad of a forgery as you will ever see, this listed by eBay seller signaturezz

Just 100% laughable crap:


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