Blink-182 Signature Study: Mark Hoppus, Tom Delonge, Travis Barker

2.8.2018 Update: I am moving this discussion to a Blink-182 fan site, and will be updating it more often.



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Hey Ryan

Just for s**** and giggles, I'm nominating this item that listed on ebay this morning for worst Blink forgery ever!  Whaddya think?

Thank you so much for posting all of this info. Great, great stuff. I saw Blink 182 for the 1st time back in the summer of '09. Their reunion tour with Weezer. Fantastic! They didn't disappoint.
Sad thing is, someone put a bid on it

The seller removed it from eBay after I linked this thread to him. 

New one for you w a lazy Travis signature
Attachments: No photo uploads here
Also have had this for years
Attachments: No photo uploads here

Hey Ryan.....Great post!

I put up a post a couple of weeks ago with so far no responses.....then I stumbled across a comment of yours saying that you won't see anything unless it is posted in here so I am officially doing that now. I'm chasing a ligitimate signature of Mark, Tom & Travis.....or just Tom if need be. Its for a present I promised to make for my wife 11yrs ago. Im making a big blink frame of all albums, ticket stubbs and some memorabilia because Blink are her all time favorite childhood/teenage band. After nearly being ripped off on ebay I found this forum. Can you advise me at all of anything you know of uo for grabs or a place to start?

I'm in Australia....not sure if that makes a difference to your answer. Cheers mate....Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks again Ryan.

My number 1 choice would to get something true to the period of those 3 guys time in Blink and relating to Blink instead of the more modern options. In saying that, beggars can't be choosers hey!

I'll definitely check out those official websites though. We saw Angels & Airwaves years back at a festival and have a couple albums but they aren't as appealing as a band. I suppose I can check ebay again and run things past you but then I'm probably bidding against you anyway no doubt.

Thanks again for getting back to me and helping out......and if you have anything in your collection that you want to part with, just let me know.

I sent you a friend request mate.

I'm trying to get a better pic sent from the seller but how does this look for Authentic? Its actually a terrible picture sorry.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Hard to see, I’d lean towards authentic but I wouldn’t buy it because there are way more nice examples out there for fairly cheap. Especially of just Tom. 

Another one to look for is the “Christmas” posters that are signed by all 3. You can usually get those for ~$100. If you hate the Xmas part you can cut off the autographs at the bottom and frame them with a photo of the band. I did that, it’s somewhere in this thread and displays great.

I was considering it but it is a bit faded and poor quality autograph. It's only $30 AUD and is framed in with a bunch of other ticket stubs from various 90's/2000's acts like Chilli Peppers, Robbie Williams etc.  Blink is the only signed one though. Think I will pass.



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