"Has anyone had any experience with or heard of Bourne4Graffs? Cant find much online but they seem legit?"

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Link ????

Never heard of them. Can you post up any items you are interested in so people can then give opinions

so I’m looking to purchase the Russell Crowe autograph but I’ve added links to their Amazon seller page and their Facebook page aswell




I'm 50-50 on this autograph. The start I don't like and the overall size is off to me but the middle and end is typical. I'd ask when it was obtained and where. 

The guy replied saying: 

Yes it was a mail request received Dec 2016. This is the last known time Crowe replied to any of his mail requests. He's done nothing since

Many thanks

Still not convinced myself but maybe others can chime in or you can get a quick opinion from Beckett or ACOA.



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