Forgive me if this is posted twice, any opinions?

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Very poor forgery. Update - Bowie Twiggy authentic.

This is Bowie writing "best wishes" for David. Click for full image:

Yes I see what you mean now, thanks again for your time Eric. Another bites the dust :)

Sure, anytime.

Hi Eric. Please let me know if you ever decide to let this one go from your collection. 

There are some nice Bowie's at you might want to look at.

Yes they are nice, very expensive but worth it for peace of mind.

Do not know Twiggy auto but Bowie is fake for sure. Not even close to his writing.

Here is my newest autograph of Bowie with "best wishes" too.

That's a big difference.

Here is a Bowie in 2010:

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Thats very nice indeed

Here is another


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