i did my homework and can't see anything wrong but maybe i missed something? thanks for you answers.

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any help is welcome

I like to think I've a keen eye for BB signatures. Been studying them since the first season. I don't feel comfortable with this one. There's a few issues here that make it an obvious forgery. Hard pass for me.

thanks for your answer, the ''bryan'' part could do but the RA part after the C of cranston did let me wondering about authenticity but he signs different all the time but that part was imo off.

Yeah, no kiddin. The whole last name isn't proportioned right. Also, the Slant of the "B" is off and I don't like the small "a" in his first name being so small and rushed while the bottom of his "y" is so comfortable with no tail. I'm seeing both comfortable traits and rushed traits, which doesn't make sense. Glad I can help, my friend.



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