Anyone with a solid expertise with Boris Karloff, take a look at this photo.   I have collected his autograph for over 25 years.  Also I sent to someone I consider the  credible expert on Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.   But just curious to hear opinions here.

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UPdate:   This Karloff came from a long time collectors estate around early-late 1930s.   Here are some of the other photos in the collection inscribed to same person.   The Jean Harlow is as usual Mama Jeans signature


































































Nice piece! I can dig up a large image if you'd like, but here's a Karloff SP we published in a March 2010 feature. Yours looks very much like it. What's interesting is that this one has both versions of the "B" that common?


The looped "B" Is less common.   Surprising this photo you show has Both versions.  I believe that is the one sold by R&R in 2008.  What I am finding is his very early signatures early-mid 1930's had the loop version and also the "o" in Boris and Karloff is more pronounced, where his later much shakier signatures excluded the "o"s and other letters were much shakier and less legible.

Close! R&R 2004. Here's a larger pic:

Correct Steve. The 2008 was another less attractive glossy Karloff/Frank signed photo



I have got mostly very positive feedback on the signature .  But, as was the case with the John Wayne and JFK case studies I posted a couple months ago, I did get a very bizarre response from one of the well known dealers/auctions.   My background with Karloff/Lugosi is strong but I am hoping to get some other "eyes with expertise" on this.


I'm not surprised the feedback was good--but glad to hear it. Re, the bizarre response: do you want to share it without revealing their name? (Unless you think they wouldn't mind you publishing it.)


I don't want to disparage anyone's name or business and create a flame war here.  They are good guys , even though I sometimes disagree with their findings.   I know dealers and auction houses have their own objectives that can leave us scratching our heads sometimes, but I like to exchange expertise and many of these guys are helpful, even when our opinions greatly differ.  I can discuss with you via PM.


P.S.  We are all going by a scan until I actually get the photo Wednesday.  I will scan a large image of the signature and inscription and upload here.  Particularly to see if the ink is vintage  and consistent with the time period, which based on this and the other photos in collection is early-mid 1930s.   However, what I am already seeing is a "dead on" match to not only the signatures but especially the "Best Wishes" in many PSA Karloff photos including the one you posted above.

I agree, the last thing you want is a flame war here...particularly among legit parties. That's why anonymous would be fine. Let's leave it for now...thanks.

hey Kevin,

if everyone agrees that this is good, and I am not sure either way, I'd pay BIG for this!


I have shown it privately to nine experienced collectors and dealers.  Eight say unquestionably genuine. One in particular is the guy I have gone to for the past ten years who only collects Lugosi/Karloff and has a very "gifted" eye and knowledge of  good/bad items on the market.  

One dealer said a "hint of suspicion".  But it wasn't based on comments of inconsistency, but of  "it's too good to be true" opinion.    Such as "do you really think Karloff would sign in that perfect of a location and have such perfect contrast" and also doubted a photo this "amazing" would be signed by Karloff.

I have a UCLA yearbook from the late 20s, where Boris Karloff is pictured in. He was the cricket coach for the school. Very strange.


That signature looks good to me, from the ones I've seen over the years.


(I'm a huge boxing fan -- wanna sell the Max Baer photo?)


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