What is this communities thoughts on autographs being considered investments?

My thoughts are collect what you enjoy first and foremost, if for some reason they go up in value that is just an extra benefit.

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Only to naive people. It is all very variable based on who and what. Hope you guys seriously don't think all autographs will show an increase in value or demand in years to come.

Ultimately everybody is collecting for their own reasons.  Some love the thrill of the chase, some because that is what they collect, and others as investments.  My philosophy with collectibles is to collect what you enjoy. Be smart about it and buy the best of what you can afford. This typically leads to autographs or collectibles to appreciate in value over time.  

Look at the last fully signed Beatles Sgt Pepper album to come up for sale, it only sold for a little over $60k when the last few sold over $100k. What does that mean? Could mean collectors/investors moved on to something else or everybody that wanted one, already had one. It could also mean there were too many auctions going on. It could mean a lot of different things. I am sure the guy that ultimately bought it, is very happy and would have a tough time selling for any price. 

Good luck in your collections and thanks for the discussion.

Depends on what type of autographs.  Some I agree could be investments, ie USA Presidents, astronauts, deceased rock stars, etc.

However, Sports athletes depreciate and their career might fade away over time.  Think about it, who is still seeking an autograph from your favorite wide receiver or QB from your favorite NFL team of the 80's or 90's for instance?  Same for other sports. Just an example.

Of course they are investments. You just have to study the market a lot and really know what you are doing. This is the case with other investments like art and real estate too.

I collect because I love the music in the first place. But it’s always nice to see the value rising.



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