Can I get some thoughts and or opinions on the validity of this Steve Winwood signature?


    I posted this signature before, however, I did not receive many opinions on it's authenticity, that's why I'm reposting it for that sole purpose of seeing who believes the autograph is genuine.  It is a Steve Winwood signature on an 8x10 photo and it's authenticated by Beckett which means next to nothing to me as far as how real the autograph is.  Thank you very much.

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He signed 3 albums for me. Signatures looked nothing like this. It was his full name, and he likes to put "To Josh" in between his first and last name, so you can't eBay it. I wish more artists would do that!!!!

Thank you for replying however, at the time I was convinced the signature was genuine; this is sue to 1 Roger Epperson said it was "fine", and number 2 I checked out the seller on this site "EZgraphs" and people here gave the guy favorable reviews.  HE even sent me photos of Steve signing his photos.  I know photo's and stuff is not really evidence, but once you take into consideration Roger said it was OK and the seller seemed alright from this place, I thought the autograph was on the up and up.

Since then he abbreviates his name.



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