I know… I another charity house selling items.  I read all the stories on how these are nothing but a warehouse of fake signatures.  Is this the case with this group yet again?  I am hoping not.


Here is a KISS item they have - I am not liking it at all - thoughts and thoughts on this organization?


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I've sent the Inside Edition link to a few charities that were using Charity Grow. The few that responded continued with the auction. I don't think anyone bids on the stuff, but still...

What about the rest of the items in their auction?  Surely they must be fake too if they were supplied by Charity Grow? 

I can tell you that anything from them as well as authenticated by RM Real autographs is questionable.   

It kills me to see these companies still providing their trash to charities when legitimate companies like mine are out there.

I do everything I can on a daily basis to try to educate charities. 

OMG every time I see that yet another charity is dealing with these thieves, it drives me nuts.  Especially when there are companies like mine that are 100% legit.

When will all the negative press catch up to them?




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