Just won this cast signed script on eBay... haven't paid for it yet, waiting for an invoice. Looks good to me with the fair amount of previous research I've done, but thought I'd solicit some opinions. They're mostly rushed examples from what I've seen, but still feel legit to me.. Anyone else have any thoughts? Thanks guys, as always!

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Looks good. I bought one years ago at a charity auction. (Mine has a blue cover). Actually saw video years ago with them signing these. I'll try and post mine later.

thanks Andrew, appreciate it! would love to see the video!

Everything there looks right, just be careful of reprints. Once you get it, you will be able to see the sharpie has bled thru the title page in spots. 

totally... thanks Pete, your opinion is always appreciated!

that was my concern also, Pete.  Great point

script came in this weekend, and there are a couple of bleed points behind the cover, and when looking at it at an angle, you can see where the ink has actually been applied. great item, very happy with it, and totally legit! thanks again for your input guys!

Congrats !

really nice item.  one of my favorites pieces in my collection is a color 8x10 signed by the original cast, including Coach.  I still watch that show, it is timeless.



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