What do you think about this autograph found on internet ? 

Seller told is UACC and AFTAL dealer.

Thanks for your replies :)

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I am not familiar of Lloyd's signature but I hope it's good. I do admire the matted piece.

as a collector of ''back to the future'' autographed items = photo's etc i would not want this for free. the photo you posted gives me a bad feeling.

just click on the ''lloyd autograph'' on the poster and you see what a genuine autograph of christopher lloyd looks like. this poster is one of the many bttf items i have … 

Not a expert on C.L signature, however, l have had a few items on him, ranging from toys to poster and B.T.T.F Pictures,  when l first looked at this,....i wouldn't  want to own this one, came to mind,....please note again...I am not a expert on this signature....

the one nicolas posted could be signed on the street but never saw anything signed by christopher on the street. but if he did i still would not want to own that sort of autograph ''i like it nice and clear''.

No arguement from me Rob, I have seen one like this about 5 years ago, it was a poster signed by the cast, including one that has passed away, and was signed about nearly 20 years ago, and questions was brought to my attention regarding C.L aignature on that item....however.. .20 years ago.....C.L signature could have been different then.....just a thought...

By the way I forgot to say that your poster is wow ;)

thanks, i found this one damaged on ebay ''it was signed at the boston fanexpo 2018'' and i bought it for a low price and a framing company close to mine home did repair it for me and now it's hanging framed in mine livingroom. christopher lloyd-lea thompson-michael j fox- and tom wilson did sign this poster.

Thanks for your replies. It is definitively not the same as the one on the poster. I will avoid this one and find another one. 

That's the wise decision, Nicolas. Like I said, I did not know his signature. I am a fan of matted signatures. 


look at ebay.com and there are some 11x14 photo's of christopher lloyd with beckett authentication for arround 75 dollars where others asking arround 175 dollars for the same signed and beckett authenticated.



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