Hey everyone!

I am new here.  Not new to collecting but starting to take it VERY serious and trying to learn as much as possible!

I'm looking into these two autographs from Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis (pictured below.)

The Chuck Berry: 8x10 image

  • Registered dealers with the UACC (RD#212)
  • Come with a certificate of authenticity from Mike Munns Autographs.

2 RED FLAGS: This seems to be a very tough signature.

This dearlers sharpie colors tend to be VERY convenient. (dark picures with light sharpies, light pictures with dark sharpies.)


The Jerry Lee Lewis: 8x10 image

  • UACC Registered Autograph Dealer #192
  • Certificate of Authenticity (COA) provided (I'm not sure whose on it though)

RED FLAG: Seller has 3 of these in stock.  I just don't see the Killer sitting there railing off a bunch of Autographs for someone to sell.


I would appreciate as much feedback as possible!

Thanks & Happy Collecting,



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Jerry Lee Lewis used to sign for fans in the mail and isn't rare.  When I met him he signed 3 CD covers no problem.  I don't know about Chuck Berry.


To me the Chuck Berry looks off. I didnt take a real close look, but it doesnt look like his flow, and the signature doesnt have his charisma. Berry has alot of character in his signature, and while this one tries to get that right, i just dont see it. Ill look at it closer tomorrow and compare a few things. But just off hand i would say to hold off on purchasing until you have some more opinions. And ill do some comparing with signatures i have from Berry and other authentic ones. But it just doesnt look right.

Just FYI, Berry doesnt sign TTM. He basically performs at only one venue (i forget the name) and after each performance he will sign autographs depending on his mood. Be wary of Chuck Berry signed guitars, as he rarely ever signs them anymore. And he has gotten alot tougher to get on pick guards as well.

Here is a JSA certed chuck berry from my collection. If you compare it to the pic listed above their are alot of differences. Berry sometimes does sign sloppy, but the whole signature just looks wrong in the above picture. i would be very surprised if it was authentic. Unfortunately i find alot of bad items coming from UACC dealers and members all the time. Some have alot of bad items up regularly. Its just like corruption in any other group, but i dont think the UACC police their dealers very well. Hopefully b/c of the horrible mess with AFTAL, the UACC will take notice and tighten the noose on its dealers.

Thanks Carl!  He always plays at the Duck Room...

I have seen him play once but UNFORTUNATLY have not gotten to meet him or obtain his sig.  What did you get him to sign?

After years of trying, I finally got Chuck to sign 3 items for me about 5 yrs ago, 2 with the smiley face.  The one you post seems off to me.  Cant see the JLL too well, but as Carl says, he isnt that hard to get.  He used to sign through his website when his wife (forget which one!) ran the business. A real one shouldnt be that hard to obtain.

The SMILEY face  on CHUCK BERRY is WRONG in the 8x1O posted...thats a clear tell...and YES the autro above matches MIEN perfectt  can yo utake a look at the BRUCE auto I posted on this board just now (the next post after this one on this boars..this guy wants to sell it to me..I never see Bruce sign pickguatds

Joey - this is Mike Munns and for what its worth, I'll respond to your questions. Re: the Jerry Lee Lewis signatures, last year, through a few fellow dealers I learned that Jerry Lee was working on opening a museum dedicated to his music and was signing autographs through the mail for $10 each. I sent some photos to him along with a check and received them back within a week. This worried me - it seemed too good to be true, so I wrote a letter to his assistant whose name was on the return envelope of my original order and asked her if Lewis was indeed signing these photos. She responded with an affirmative guaranteeing me that he was. I've never obtained the guy in person so did some research and got some feedback from a few other dealers whose opinions I trust and we all agreed that the signatures looked fine. For the record, Lewis is still signing but his fee has jumped to $50.............re: Chuck Berry, I know he is a tough signer and as a result, I've made it a point  accumulate his signature whenever authentic examples were available and as a result, have a good supply of signed items dating back to the 90's. His signature has changed somewhat over the years so you'll see some discrepencies. I'd be glad to email you a few versions if you want to email me. Hope this helps.

Neither of these is authentic.  The real "tell" on the Berry autograph is the "B".  Look at the top and bottom of the "B" compared to a real one and you will see what I mean.  This came from a source that has an endless amount of these.  Once you spot the "B" it's clear to see.

you're right, I just realized this post is a year old. I had several of these in my inventory and had to toss them. They still show up on a fairly regular basis on several weekly auction sites........the Lewis was apparently from another dealer..............thanks for the heads up

So, Roger is saying Mike's information from the assistant is incorrect, Jerry Lee did not sign these. Is that correct?

Mike, where can you send the $50 for a signature? Feel free to PM me if you prefer.

Roger or anyone else, has anyone confirmed if any of the JLL ttm autographs within the last several years were authentic? I hope they are as I received a return from him and I think it is legit.

No, the listing that is shown here and was in question wasn't mine, it was from a different dealer. I didn't realize it until after I had responded - basically I responded to this before looking at the scans or details. My bad. I'll forward the JLL fundraising info tonight.

Thanks Mike. That would be great.

Here you go Chad :   Jerry Lee Lewis Archive Project
                                  P.O. Box 675
                                     Nesbit, MS 38651



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