Hello everyone. I am interested in purchasing a couple of items from Chuck McKeen on ebay. Is he a reputable dealer? I looked him up on the Internet and he was a reporter and also a co-author of the Sander's Price Guide. My guess is that he is legit, but I would like to know for sure. Thanks for any feedback.

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I don't know him, but why don't you link to or upload some items you're interested in for opinions? That's what really matters. When did he Co-author Sanders Guide? We published the last edition.

These are the items I'm interested in.

John Ritter auto

Dan Aykroyd auto

Here's the link to his ebay page:

He states in his auctions that he was also a contributing editor and price consultant for George Sanders on all of his autograph price guides.

I purchased some autographs from AACS back in '04. I thought they were reputable since they were registered UACC dealers, but now I've learned they've been expelled.

AACS does have some items sprinkled in that are authentic but you have to do your homework mores like most of these places that just list items for the $$ and unsuspecting collectors.

be careful.  As Steve said, upload them and let the people that are familiar with the sigs, take a look.  I ordered some items from him years ago, and I never liked them (sosa and bonds photos).

I was just searching on ebay for Lynn_holly Johnson and found he has 1 does this look authentic ?

hey this man chuck i know well, he is very legit, and has great autographs, ive dealt with him buying and trading, fantastic guy and knows his stuff, and does get a lot in person, hes personally sent me photos of him meeting the celebrity and so have i to him.  as there are many unlegit people out there, this man i recommend dealing with.

I would however stay away from this one he is offering based on authentic examples posted here on AML.   Also, having said that if he has purchased from sources identified above then like all places you'd better have a good handle on what u are buying.    I have found where there is one there are others and he may know his stuff as suggested but certainly doesn't know this one;

however, i argue with you on examples posted here and other places, im not sure any of you realize that most celebrities dont always sign the same, everytime, age is a factor, they change their style, also they may be hurrying their signature, for example johnny depp does not sign the same, he has multiple ways of signing, jamie lee curtis has changed her way of signing since the 70s and 80s, and their are quite many more too look at, thats why you need to research signatures examples from different eras, they do change, as yours changes over time, so does others. sylvester stallone is a good example, ive gotten sigs from him in person from different eras up to this year, he does not sign the same everytime. you cant batter some dealers without all, because, not everyone signs legit to what everyone else has. this is done primarily for the purpose of people selling and trying to make a fortune off their name signature, believe me, i was told this by numerous actors. when you find someone your comfortable with and you trust their offerings by using research not just one example. and some authenticators are bad about this, they go by one example and thats it. most celebrities you can contact and show them examples your looking at and they will tell you it is or isnt, ive done it when i dont get them in person. so i argue your suggestion of the picture you have displayed, look up other examples and look closer.

Arguments without substance is merely that. It's not worth the debate and merely a waste of time..  If you have exemplars to the contrary of pic posted then do post some.  You might also consider a sylvestor stallone thread of exemplars for others on those you have obtained in-person.

incidently, here is a typical Burt one; 

since I have also been known to be a cynic I also question this Keith Wren since he joined 12 hours (approx) ago after a question of an ebay seller is posed and then as the 1st post defends the seller w/o question.  Then a post post long on rhetoric and short on substance.  In an ideal word we should "all" trust who we buy items from.  However, I have found if you follow that theory a fool and their money are soon parted.

so am thinking this poster is nothing but some sort of shill but we shall see. 

a shill huh, well im no newby to the autograph collecting or trade, ive been in it since the early 70s, and its not that im defending a single seller, i think everyone should do research before deciding what they buy or sell anyway, those who dont sometimes get taken, and there are quite a few big time dealers that sometimes are not sure of an autographs validity. and i will share some examples on here, im sure a lot of you on here possibly wouldnt be familiar with a lot of the older actors and such and their signing habits, one must learn how this process works. i never sign the same myself. this is what im trying to get across to people, that a signature can vary quite often. my granfather was an employee at the major studio back in the day and came with a lot of signatures from mant actors. and new them, also many of the grewat old country stars. im not saying i know it all, but im no slouch to autographs, and i deasl with a lot of different people. and chuck just happens to be one, if your not sure of what your buying than dont, but get multiple opinions, not just from one person and take that as gospel. no ones perfect. this hobby   at one time used to be about the thrill of getting one, but now most everyone is concerned on how much they will make off it. does anyone just enjoy finding that one you always looked for or seeing this person and getting it if you can.  some are gone, so we have to rely on the ones whom have gotten them, and trust what you see or develope a knowledge of the hobby. and youll know if your getting ripped or not. no one is here to bash others, so show the same please.

looking forward to reading your posts on the Stallone timeline & obtained in person thread that you can easily create.  I am sure others will appreciate the edumacation as well.  Feel free to post secretarials (as I would find it hard to believe that after 40 years of collecting you havent any) in my secretarial post it here thread.  There is quite an interested crowd on "yester years" studio actors/actresses as well and a knowledgeable group.



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