Does it reduce the value of the autograph if it's written above the artist name or the number of its t-shirt?Thank you for all the replies.

Mark Davis

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To answer your question directly, I think not.

That said, the overall value depends on your signature (rarity or popularity), the buyer and your price. The market for a particular item generally determines your price. There are always potential buyers on both ends of the spectrum - high and low. Finding them is another matter.

not sure what you are asking here?

Can you post a photo example for clarity?

Yesterday,when I got an autograph from a soccer player,I wrote his name above the autograph so I couldn’t have forgotten his name.Does it reduce the value of the autograph?

ahh ok, got it now

that's a tough question and would depend on who is the signature and who is buying it (if you sell it)

I think the dude explained it pretty well, so I'll second his response

But for future items, it's best not to do this again IMO. Write it on a piece of paper or something to remember. Or maybe inside the shirt away from the signature. Anywhere but right above the sig.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

yes It does 

Thank you very much!

Based on what you described, generally yes. In older days of autograph collecting - when autograph books were more the norm - I think this was a bit more common for people to write the name of the signature. Nowadays, it isn't really done at all as it essentially defaces the signed item to an extent.

Thank you very much!


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