I purchased this photo at a silent auction in October, with a COA holographic sticker from a dealer based in Toronto.

im not certain of the authenticity of it though and was wondering some other people’s opinions as I am fairly new to collecting.

sorry if I posted the image incorrectly.

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You posted the image just right. I'll take a look at this tomorrow. Hopefully other members who know his Autograph well will give opinions in the meantime.


Who's the coa from?

Universal Picture Framing & Sports Memorabilia


Don't know too much about them uk based  here's one from icons for comparison his signature ca vary

Thanks. I know Icon has a signing deal with him so I may have to bite the bullet and buy one from then to replace it.

the COA for those interested:

I went ahead and bought one from icons.com just to be sure. I like the original photo I bought, and the signature I think looks great, but maybe a little too smooth and I just can't be sure. Maybe an expensive teaching moment for me. From now on, I think I'll only purchase my items from Icon, Fanatics, Tristar, Steiner, etc..

Or check on here before buying

Just thought I would update for anyone's interest. I did end up purchasing another photo directly from Icons, of which the holographic COA was affixed to the back of the photograph and matched the accompanying paper certificate's hologram showing Ronaldo holding an autographed photo from the signing (place, date, etc.)

I contacted the individual who sold me the first photo (the one I posted above) who bought it from another company, Universal Picture Framing and Sports Memorabilia, who in turn said they purchased it from Icons from a 2013 signing. I presented this information to Icons, hoping they could corroborate Universal's claim that 75 of these identical photos were sold by them. They could not and were skeptical of the signature itself as I was. A last ditch effort to see if in fact the hologram was on the backside of the photo as was the one I recently purchased, I took apart the frame today to inspect (I had to know!) it was not there...

$750 lesson for me.

Oh dear your should all ways check on here first before a purchase all ways happy to help I like to think I'm pretty good on ronneys signature 

Just curious, what was your impression of the authenticity of the signature on my photo? The Icons hologram was not there of course and the COA hologram in its place from Universal explicitly prohibits tampering with their hologram. I would think Icons has a similar policy for anyone trying to re-sell their items? Making it illegal?

All ways check on here first someone will have views on items



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