Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin - Legitimate? Worth getting authenticated? Is there a market for this and approx value?

I am after info for someone else regarding a Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter) & Terri Irwin signed hat. The owner is wanting to sell it. It was acquired before Steve passed away, maybe a couple of years prior. She is the original owner and says that she was at Australia Zoo and someone stole her hat that she was wearing which was also an Australia Zoo hat (Not Autographed). She went to the service desk in tears and Terri Irwin happened to be in there. Terry went away and came back with a signed hat for her.

She is now considering selling it. She wants to know if she can get it authenticated somewhere but I doubt that would be cost effective for such an item.

She is certain that its a Legit graph but if anyone has anything to compare to that would be appreciated and any indication of similar items that have sold or just any info or advice in general would be appreciated. 

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This is authentic in my opinion and signed by both Steve and Terri. It's unusual and definitely worth something but you're looking at quite a small market. I've seen photos go for anything from a few dollars to hundreds but never seen a hat sold so it's hard to guess the value but it has to be a few hundred in my opinion but I'd welcome other opinions

Thanks Dan. Your opinion is appreciated .

What are you basing your judgment of Authenticity on if you don't mind me asking?

I'm trying to work out if this type of thing will sell better if it was to get officially authenticated and if it can actually be done?

Hi Clint, I used to own a fair few Irwin's before selling them off to pay medical bills and his signature is pretty unique so is Terri's. I've seen a few bad fakes over the years and this has a natural flow.

Authentication would help the value if selling and PSA etc may be the best bet if they will do it but I'd email them to see a cost

Thanks again Dan.

Honestly, I do not think paying the extra cost will significantly increase the value of this signed hat. It may help it sell quicker. If I were you I would just price it at what you want for the item and wait for the right buyer to come along.

Thanks Joe. Your opinion is very much appreciated. Given the nature of the item and story behind it I tend to agree that getting a COA is probably a waste of time/money.



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