I bought this item a few months ago. The seller claimed it was a gift that Daniel Craig gave to crew members on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It is a Cross pen that is engraved "Thank you from Blomkvist", and the box is hand signed "Thank you from Daniel". A sticker on the side of the box supposedly shows who the gift was intended for: Robert Allen Jr- Rigging Electric. The seller said he bought it directly from Robert Allen Jr. 

I never had concerns about it until I read on here that the seller-- Myron Ross of Heroes and Legends had been banned from advertising on AML. Now, we all know that some bad sellers have good things and some good sellers have bad things, so I'm asking you to please read my pros and cons, look at my images, and give me an opinion on this autograph.


  • Sold by Myron Ross of Heroes and Legends, who is no longer allowed to advertise on here.
  • Robert Allen Jr. is not listed in the credits of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo for rigging electric. This concerns me, but I also understand that there are various reasons for why some people are named in the credits and some aren't. Perhaps he was working in a unit where he was not named. He does have an entry in IMDB. He has little work to his name, but Indiana Jones 4 is on there.


  • The signature is consistent with other Daniel Craig signatures.
  • The gold pen is the kind that would really glob up if the signer hesitated for a second. There is no evidence of ink pooling.
  • If this were a forgery, someone would have gone through quite a bit of trouble to engrave a pen, create a fake "gift recipient" and create a story like this. Wouldn't it be easier to forge a photo and call it a day? If they were really trying to bamboozle, would they pick a name out of the air for the "gift recipient" instead of just going to IMDB and pulling the name of whoever is listed for rigging electric?

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Again, it's down to how much they can get for a item, if it's pennies/cents, then NO, but if it runs into lots of Hundreds of Pounds/Doller's, god forbid, even thouands, then, YES it's worth createing a legend. Not a expert on Daniel Graig's signature, but, it looks good to me.

I agree with you on that point; I should have been more clear. I paid about the same for this as a signed photo or a signed trading card from the official line would have been. If the item is something like a Beatles album or something like that, I could totally see it worth it to invest time and resources into a hoax then. But there's very serious money involved in those cases. 


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