So I've actually had this for a few years and have meant to display it in some way but ended up forgetting about it.  I got if from my girlfriends cousin who isn't a fan at all, but as the story goes he was working for the military and flying home first class and he was seated next to David Crosby. David was really messed up on something and kept trying to give pills to the cousin.  Anyways apparently the cousin wasnt too impressed with the guy and didnt want any of his drugs, but David Crosby kept pulling stuff out of his travel-on and signing it and handing it over, including this harmonica which he signed along with the case.  Like I said he was really a fan so when I spotted this sitting in his garage and asked him about it he just gave it to me along with a CD of some random guy that Crosby signed as well.  I have no reason to doubt the guy, especially since hes not a fan, but still wanted to see how it stacked up.

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not a fan but do u know a year period yes david was a junkie for a long time

I dont see him (the cousin) often but when I do I always ask him about it.  I want to say he said at least 15 years ago.  Hes easily in his mid 50s though, so it has to have been a while.

Plus you can see on the harmonica the bottom part of the signature got wiped off a little before the ink set so I'm sure that doesnt help




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