What do you think about this David Gilmour autograph, authentic of fake, opinions ?

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I think clever forgery but see what Corey at floydauthentic.com says. It may be good.

Corey will render an opinion for $10. It is a very good service.

thank you Eric, thank you for your advice! this is an article that I wanted to acquire but I wanted to have your informed opinions on the authenticity of this autograph!

Most welcome but be sure to check with Corey. :)

And let us know what he says. After looking again I think it is very likely a forgery.

I just heard from Corey, here is his response:"

I believe this is an authentic exemplar signed in the early 2010s. A bit irregular formation, but shows several positive traits which make me loan toward authentic."

Good work. It is typical enough for you? I'm not crazy about it. How much is being asked?

it is indeed quite special, the seller wants € 450€, I still hesitate ...

I would not pay that! Did you look and see what Corey has for sale?

Sales at floydauthentic.com

yes i have looked at his items for sale but none of them really interest me!

This is just a cut? Very overpriced!!!

You can pick up a signed CD on eBay for £50. 

The market has been flooded with cheap signed CDs. This brings the price down 

Agree with you Mikey, there are a lot of autographs currently for sale from the "yes i have ghosts" CD but I'm looking for a more original signature on a different photo guitar in hand


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