UPDATE: DECISION MADE - NEW DVD - from yesterdays" Does Anyone Forsee Roger Waters Refusing to Sign This?"

Hi All,

We know he can be a bit picky - anyone see any reason he might pass on this? This is his preorder flat 12x12. Yes, I am bringing a back-up (what I don't quite know yet - this new album cover...contrast problems - CD might be best?) or that 1982 b/w still I have from The Wall with him and little Pink and Mother in the garden.


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Hopefully he will sign with the right pen. The handler lets you approach and he signs and barely looks at you. I would have an lp for backup. Cds just don't do it for me (though I have many). The concert itself is great if you don't mind the Trump bashing! I pray these vultures wont ruin him again!

Oh, I am looking forward to PIGS! I will have an LP (or CD) as a back up - the criterion for my collection dictates this must be a (new) official product. So The Wall b/w still wont cut it. But this new LP seems an autographic nightmare (hence my CD idea  - sig might be better on the CD). I already have a vintage-signed promo LP. He seems to using a lot of gold so hopefully, this flat will look decent! 

I don't think he will balk at signing that. He seems to switch between black and silver mostly. The new black and white lp doesn't show very well. Ive seen one or two signed on Ebay.

Thanks Ian - I changed my mind totally!

I ran out and bought this - I've seen it and this is what I want to match my Gilmour promo DVD - decent contrast will be satisfactory. There simply is no other way to work a Floyd title into my collection w/o spending inordinate $$$ and I loved this show - saw it about 5 times! The film bits between the concert - very touching. Hoping for silver or gold ink...Have vinyl of new album as backup/or 12" flat - will see what pen he is using if possible.

Now I want to see that signed!

Hi Ian, me too! I made digital mockups with genuine signatures overlaid in silver, gold and black in his usual location and scale and all seem to look good or great (gold/silver of course preferred). I will be pleased in any event - I love this album and this film of the concert is superb. 



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