I recently noticed that one of my framed autographed photos is developing waves.  It may be from humidity, although there are other framed items in the room that are not being affected.  It may be the photo paper.  Is there a way to have the autographed photo dry mounted without damaging it?  Thanks in advance.

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look at the inside because maybe some tape is comming loose ''if not?'' i don't know how to name it but you could use some glued cardboard that is professional factory made specialy for photo's. when you don't like this option than tape the photo again and use a cardboard behind the photo some larger than the photo and tape that around it to the actual cardboard ''works for me''.

Thanks for the reply, Rob.  I had it professionally framed at my local frame shop.  I am not even sure if tape was used.  I will ask.

Is it a large photo? How long ago was it framed? Kind strikes me as sounding like a subpar framing job.

It is a 14x11 photo.  It is not the fault of the framer.  I have had the same thing happen before in other rooms.  It does not happen often, but this happens to be a favorite of mine.  I actually just returned from the frame shop.  The framer told me to bring it in tomorrow.  He said that he can fix it, and that he will not damage the autographs or the photo.  I will let everyone know what his remedy is after he completes it.  Thanks for the reply, Rich.

It's strange - I have a lot of signed 11 x 14s I got myself, but I have yet to frame one of them. I always liked the size but figured they were still just small enough to frame more easily than a poster or larger print photo.

They can easily be framed.  I just prefer to bring my favorite items to my local frame shop.  They have a greater selection of frames and mats there.  Also, some of my unsigned 8x10 photos have had the same thing happen to them.  “Size matters not.”

i'am sorry mike but think i did not understand the dry mounting part so i saw some video's on youtube and it's almost the same as what i do sometimes with glued cardboard. the only thing is i would never do the dry mounting ''especially not with autographed photo's'' and think you are lucky nothing did happen with your autographs. the waves are just the parts of your photo that comes loose from the board and think the one in the shop who made it did not press long enough for a better result. from what i saw on the video the result of this way of mounting is a final one. maybe you could post a photo so i can have a view?.

The framer has the autographed photo right now.  It sounds like he will try something other than dry mounting it.  He wanted to consult with another professional before he calls me with more information.  I will keep you posted.  Thanks, Rob.

What is your concern about dry mounting it?  Is it that the heat may damage the autographs, or that the photo will be permanently mounted?  If the latter, that does not concern me very much.

If you don't care as much about reselling it or compromising the item itself and am more concerned with cosmetic results, then dry mounting is fine.

If it's an item of signifcant value, then I believe dry mounting it is defacing the item to a certain effect.

I will never resell it.  I simply do not want to see waves when the light hits it a certain way.  If I have a dry mounted photograph autographed, it seems to me to be the same thing.  The mounting will not affect the autograph itself.  It is not the same as laminating an autographed picture, which I obviously would never do.  The framer’s concern was that the heat may affect the permanent marker.  I am not convinced that it would.

yes the heat - and i like to have the idea to change or replace mine items when ever i like. 

Thanks, Rob.



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