eBay just closed my account for messaging scammers

So eBay just closed my account for messaging sellers of forgeries
If I ever post anything about a seller on eBay I always message them first. Depending on how they respond seats me to post about them on here (since some are just oblivious to forgeries)

Well eBay closed my account. I called to ask why and they said for messaging people but that the specific reasons "won't be disclosed and will be kept internally"

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E bay is more worried about protecting the money pipeline generated from forgeries rather than investigating and stopping innocent customers from getting ROBBED!

There are rouge workers at eBay flagging people's accounts who try to stop forgeries
There must be some sellers of forgeries working there
I have actually been targeted in the past but after speaking to a higher up it was found out that it was the same eBay worker flagging my account and wasn't listing any reasons at all. Hmmmm
I was reinstated and things have been fine for a while. Then last month I was suspended for 7 days but didn't find out until I bid on an item. I called eBay who said automatically Ebay sends an email to suspended accounts. She checked and there wasn't one or a reason why it was suspended. She took it off

So I go to bid on an item yesterday and the same thing happens - no email either. I call Ebay who told me their was no reason or email but she couldn't take it off then today it says my account is closed!!!!

Your dealing with unscrupulous people. They can forge emails claiming your trying to buy direct from them or making up any dishonest thing they can on you. There are only rules for the law abiding and no rules for the lawless!

Well, since your account is closed, I guess you no longer have to worry about getting scammed on eBay, Carlos.

Lol I haven't yet been scammed as I only buy items I am comfortable with. But yea I guess silver lining lol
Good thing that, just like the forgers, you can just sign up for a new account no problem.
I'm far too lazy to do that lol

Had the same thing happen to me last year Carlos, an account with over 4000 feedback, was furious. I have since set up about 6 accounts and ask questions on 4 of them and buy on the other 2 if I need anything. Ebay should rename themselves Fraudbay 

Wow that sucks. Do you use one paypal account then?

Did anything happen to your paypal account? I ask because When my account was closed a while ago my PayPal account was also frozen and all money in it and they said it wouldn't be released to my bank account for 6-12 months!!! That taught me to never leave money on my paypal account. Once i spoke to eBay and got my account back up the paypal freeze also ended.

Sucks that there are workers there with an obvious agenda
They are so unscrupulous (eBay). They don't care one bit about buyers being cheated out of their hard-earned cash, yet if they ever catch a person trying to go straight through PayPal, they'll shut you down in a heartbeat, I'm sure.

I've called them about forgers as well. They say they take it very seriously, but they don't.

eBay promotes, and protects sellers of forgeries. Plain & simple. Sickening world we live in.



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