Ebay seller Gainesville-4 Ruth forgery (and T-205 Cobb reprint scam)

This Babe Ruth Autographed Postcard was issued in 1911. It is Scott Catalog UX24 and only issued in 1911. Since Ruth started playing in 1914, he most likely just used a previously issued Postcard to Autograph.
We just purchased a mammoth deal of Sports Collectibles housed in 10 large black footlockers. These items were put into storage 7 years ago by a man who was a very serious collector. When he died about 6 years ago, his wife came into possession of the footlockers, but never opened them. And when she delivered them to us she still had not opened them.  There are so many items that we cannot take the time and spend the money to get many, many items certified. There are balls, photos, cards, and so much more. Including things from Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Mickey, Mantle, and so many more early Baseball stars. At this point we have only opened four of the 10 storage lockers, so we have no idea what other great items there are.


I wonder if the Ruth forgery is indicative of what else is in those 10 storage lockers. lol

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And what in the name of Samuel Pepys' gout-swollen foot is this supposed to be:


More garbage from the storage locker. Matches the Ruth auto. An artificially aged T205 reprint Cobb for $850!! it's actually about equal in value to his kitchen table Ruth forgery. Zero point zero. Probably the same value as the rest of the 10 storage lockers.

Note to Gainesvill-4:

If you're going to artificially age reprints and try to pass them off as authentic, better check the color of the text on the original Piedmonts vs. your bunko piece. 

"There are so many items that we cannot take the time and spend the money to get many, many items certified"

So now, Gainesville-4 has added a Gehrig auto to his listings. As well as Mantle an Williams, and others.

None of which have a COA, because as they state, "they don't have the time".

But apparently, they had the time to send the $50 and under autographs they have listed to PSA! Feller, Hubbell, etc., in other words, all the genuine autographs, that were either submitted by them or bought to add the air of legitimacy to the bogus ones, like Ruth! Oldest trick in the book. Does that ploy still fool anyone?



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