I came upon this seller (linsal49) last week. Lots of hard to find items. States they bought out the inventory of a dealer, when I inquired who, I was told they had no idea, bought through a middleman. Lots of cast signed. Can I get some opinions please...


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Some of the auctions I have noticed offered by that seller, they appear to be forgeries.

This Bruce Springsteen is clearly one of them.

Bruce Springsteen 8 x 10 autograph not a print


No good

Al Pacino & Chris O'Donnell 8 x 10 autograph photo not a print


This is the conclusion I have come up with too, but I'm not much of a contemporary collector plus the fact he provided a long story as to how he did not know who the dealer was, well, I hate to call anyone a liar. But its appearing to be just another pile of garbage on EBAY

Thanks Dexter, I appreciate you looking. He had a Jack Elam that looked close, but many of his photos seem to clip the sigs on the left side and it seemed like I kept seeing the same black finepoint marker on many signatures. I am so disgusted with EBAY, as long as they make money, they just don't seem to care.

Avoid this seller



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