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I recently came across 2 independent bookstores in the UK selling copies of Elton John’s book ‘ME’ containing hand signed bookplates.

I was unsure if these was genuine at first as I haven’t come across this variation of Elton John signature before so I decided to speak with the Elton John book publishers Pan Macmillan. 

Upon emailing Pan Macmillan they confirmed that the bookplates were in fact genuine hand signed bookplates which were issued to independent bookstore in very limited numbers and affixed to the books. 

Has anyone come across this variation of Elton John’s autograph before or can confirm its authenticity? Please see attached photo’s.

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Elton stopped signing his E like that in the 70’s.

In my honest opinion, these are not authentic to me. They look slowly drawn and awkward, not like a Elton’s flourish. If Elton had hand signed book plates, they would like like his current signatures and ones that matched the hand signed book pages.

Thank you for your response.

I did manage to find 2 Elton John autographs which were obtained in person on google. They do look similar to the bookplates however I agree that this variation of signature was mainly used in the late 70’s. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Regarding your comment that Elton John stopped using this variation of autograph in the 70’s, I have just found this signed photo for sale on Ebay. Presuming this is authentic, Elton still uses this variation as seen here. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

good eye richard! i couldn’t agree with you more on these two!! richard is the man!! solid try though by someone lol 

Strange. I did receive confirmation from Pan Macmillan who is the books publisher that the book plates were in fact authentic and distributed to small independent book stores in very limited numbers. Find it difficult to believe otherwise as they are one of the biggest book publishers around. 

Here is mine I got from him personally at the Waterstones London signing I was lucky enough to get a ticket for (for comparison)

Thank you for your response. Find it strange that one of the biggest book publishers would lie to me regarding the authenticity of the book plates but the signature does vary.

When Bill Clinton’s signed bookplates came out with James Patterson, they swore blind they were hand signed and all Patterson’s signatures were auto-pen!

The Elton John signatures in the bookplates do differ though. I have seen 4 different ones which makes me believe they are not auto pen.

I've got one of the Clinton and Patterson books and I didn't know about this. Did Clinton sign them?

now that is a pristine EJ signature

if you look closely the j in john isnt fluid and the o going up is overly exaggerated a little than what you would normally see on one from elton in my opinion on the first book plate you provided to us 



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