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Hello everyone,
This is from my personal collection. I bought this autograph a couple of months ago.
I wanna know your opinion. What do you think about this? For me it's looks genuine...


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You should send it to who you feel most comfortable with. I prefer Roger on something like this but just my take.

I was just curious how it was studied and if you were given anything to accompany the piece. I think it's good but I am nowhere near an Elvis expert. His signature is the one I am working on learning now which is why my interest in this thread and my dumb questions. I appreciate your answers.

No, you have good questions.
I know the expert immediately determines handwriting: "likely genuine" or "not likely genuine". But Elvis was terrible handwriting and I think is very difficult work.

Anyway thanks!

I have 7 elvis autographs and the first WAS at the sportamturan in Dallas,1957 have his on the Harley Davison on bike sigen on back played for his band in a couple of gigs and got them for my Daughter wife and son. Yours does not match any of them even have one of his scarfs that he signed along with the printed signature  with Pricaillays  Dennis

7 autographs it's really cool!
As far as I know, Elvis handwriting constantly changing with time.
For example: autograph 1955 will not match autograph 1959.
And autograph 1959 will not be like autograph 1966 year, etc.

Anyway thanks for your opinion!
I appreciate that.

Hello Dennis Redfearn - if you could post examples of what you are talking about that would be helpful.  I can never look at too many Elvis autographs.   



Will try and post them the 57 is faded and bent on a pace of paper the harrlie is on the back and blens in with the paper the others are from 1967 up yes their are ddifferent s in them but the one's I got he took his time to sign they are not when he was signing fiast signeatures witch may make the difference.. All of mine are framed behind acid free glass and matted with acid free paper  so would have to take them out of the frames.  I do volunteer work for the Luekima  Society got to clint eastwoods form him from Dirty  Harrly  one  is with his 44 mag waking down the steps and the other taking the mayor and Chief.  They will be going up for auction but they will have a high reserve.  To many fakes on the internet. If they don't sell I will buy them myself for my grand kids. aolso last week got two Sean Connerryeta knights uniform they will also be sold so if interested let  know does not matter how I sell them they are real I started collecting photos an indes cards when I was 7 am not 66 . Dennis

Here is one from early 1956…

With an OK from Roger Epperson


and have been checked by R & R and they said all real so with all the doubt about them for get it and send it to R & R auction in New Jersy they will tell you if yours if real or not. Dennis

I just wanted their certifite so their would be no doubt. Dennis

I know mine are real got them in person but like you I wanted them certified and R & R is the best the ones I auction are through them. I set the a Hendrix and Janice Joplin got them at Woodstock and they said they were real anyone can print a certifice and say its real buy from a Legament company and their are only a few.

If you wanna sell some autograph you can make new discussion. Here many people who "buy, sell & trade". For information: Rich Consola expert from PSA / DNA. You can find him on site PSA / DNA. Also Rich Сonsola is an expert consultant in RR auction.

I would have to say yours is closer to my 57 than an I have seen.Denis


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