Love to hear your feedback on this Elvis...

From what I've read here in the last week or so this Elvis autograph is really quite a rare offering...

Can anyone speculate as to why ??

Thanks everyone !!

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Im not going to comment on the "rarity" of it, but it must have something to do with the separation of the "P".  One of my friends got Elvis after a concert in Vegas in the 70's and she said he was so high he could barely scrawl his name. so I am not surprised to see variations, especially in his later signatures.  While the signature itself is not what you would call "vintage Elvis" the handwriting looks spot on, and there are enough positives in the signature where I would lean towards authentic.

Don, enjoy these Elvis brain teasers! Some day I will have a good idea what a genuine Elvis looks like or be more confused as ever. Don't know what would make it rare but I'm thinking this is the real deal. Compared to the huge amount of fakes around I would say what makes it rare is that it's authentic. :0)

Looks good to me.

Interesting.. I really like the P in Presley - like my signed cut from Mid 60s.  


I agree Mark, to me this looks like a signature I had from a cast signed sheet from the movie Live a little love a Little from 1966

This looks good to me too!


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