This is one of twenty two pictures I was given of Errol Flynn most of late 1930,s films.

This is The Charge Of The Light Brigade.


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Anyone help with this one? The internet tells me this in Gentleman Jim. But the picture says different.

Looks like Errol Flynn to me although Earl did portray Corbett in a movie titled Gentleman Jim. He also boxed in The Perfect Specimen. All is correct.

Hi Joe, I find the same picture on IMDb without the writing they say it's Gentleman Jim from 1942. But looks like its not according to this picture in 1937.

Believe they are incorrect. There is a boxing scene in The Perfect Specimen. It may be possible that the studio reused a photo for a different movie although I doubt it.

Thanks Joe. I have 8 photos from this film. The Perfect Specimen some are in color. 

Some of these vintage promotional stills and photos have decent value. You have an interesting collection to say the least.

Thanks Joe. Yes I have about 180 stills unsigned.


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