i finally got my Bowie signature framed; I went with a 1993 photo to go with the ‘93 signature.  Thank you Eric K. Longo for the help and pointing me in the direction of an authentic Bowie signature.

It’s not a great photo but i’ve attached the finished product.



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Nice I have the same card to frame up when I get around to it


Lovely unrushed example and period correct image A+. That's a full Bowie too - both apostrophes. 

Here is what I had planned to frame with my cards

Thanks again for your guidance Eric.  I've never seen that shot of Bowie before; it's really nice.

Eric K

Beautiful framed piece
Congrats EJK


I plan to use this image which I'm sure in from 1993

That's a great shot!

It looks great the compliment slip and flyer - well done.

That last photo of him smoking in the raincoat was  photographed in London in Brinkley's wine bar garden,  Fulham March 1st 1993. After that he went to a marketing meeting at Arista BMG also in Fulham to discuss Black Tie White Noise. I got a tip off from a friend at Arista BMG and got some LP's signed! Great day...

Thanks MarkG.  Wow, what a great story!

That looks great!!




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