About a month ago I bought a signed sheet of paper off EBay, signed by the legend himself Freddie Mercury!

It was supposedly signed by Freddie at the 40th birthday party of Roger Taylor, to Roger’s good friend Laura.

On close inspection of the signature, it appears as though an unlying red outline follows the black of the ink where he has signed. I’m not too sure whether this is simply the residue in the black coming out, or that a red outline has in fact been used to trace over..... the latter is more unlikely as the ink in black is signed rather quickly, like he would normally.

Just looking for opinions from you guys!!

Thank you!!

Joe ☺️

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Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for your support! I have done everything as you have said and I am now at the stage when I am giving them as much evidence as possible.

This forum is massive evidence, thank you All!

I now need to gain documents from a third party e.g. appraisers/experts in the field to reiterate that it is a facsimile of the original, including the damage it caused.

I’ve sent lots of photographs and the link to this forum already through the PayPal email address!

Typical response from a forgery seller. Not surprised that's the feedback you got from the seller. I'd  blast their name and address all over the place. Maybe it saves somebody in the future.

Hi Rick,

Sorry I missed your message before. It’s just been a really bad experience from start to finish. I have posted her eBay name on here, so people can take a closer look when buying items from her. 

Thankfully this forum has built up some solid evidence against the item!


Hi Joe

Sorry to hear about this fraudulent/despicable behaviour and thank goodness for the wealth of knowledge on this site.... I know someone who went through a similar scenario and got their money back via paypal very quickly and without having to provide too much information. I am certain that a link to this topic and a supportive email from Innuendo will definitely get the result you deserve.

Good luck...Mark

Hi Mark,

I agree! The amount of knowledge and support from the enthusiasts here has been incredible!

I shall keep you all updated with how I get on! It should be a very straight forward and simple refund... I have provided strong evidence which shows that the item is a print/facsimile, as well as the fact that it came damaged due to lack of care, yet she is still refusing. 

An update: Colin from London attic autographs has supplied me with a FANTASTIC letter stating everything that has been going on. His eBay is londonattic2011 if you want to receive not only authentic autographs, but also an amazing service!

He used this forum to aid his letter. Thank you all so very much for your input, I will definitely be receiving my well deserved refund now!

Good job! Let us know how it goes.

Hi everyone!

Just an update: My case has been looked at by PayPal and I have won my claim. I need to return the item back to the seller in order to get a full refund. Thank you All so much for your help!

There is a slight problem though. The seller (bielito12) has just stated via email that she will be trying to con people again by selling the signature as authentic once again via eBay.

How can we make sure this doesn’t happen? Not too sure what to do. All I know is I don’t want some poor person to buy it and believe it to be real!!!!

Send her message to eBay and give them a call. I had a similar thing happen a few years ago. A crooked seller admitted to selling fakes "I don't care that it's fake. It'll sell anyway." I gave eBay a call and forwarded them the message. They banned him from selling. Not sure if it was  perminant, but it did shut him down for some time.  

I’ve rang eBay and reported her and the item, from the original listing. They didn’t ask for the evidence I have, but if they wish to see evidence, I’ll have it at the ready!! 

the sellers mistake was putting in writing ,if he didn't he could have done what he wanted

Fantastic Joe!

For extra protection, have someone video you putting the autograph in the package and sealing it, and take pictures with the postage and address on it.

This will help prevent claims by the seller that you put a different item or no item in the package.


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