Quite a few of you have asked me to let you know when a solid set hits the scene, and here it is.

I don't know the seller, but the item is not only genuine- it's one of a limited number that were hand signed by the band and given out to record stores around the UK in the 80s during a promo. Right now it is at a very low price. I can promise you it'll sell for much more. If my wife wasn't twisting my arm to downsize my own collection right now, I'd move on it myself.

Good luck to all those bidding.

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Sorry about that,I'm new to this forum stuff, I'm interested in purchasing a freddie signature or a full set as I'm a massive fan but lots of signatures look dodgy and I've read a lot about the Secretary doing signatures so I'm just looking for guidance about what's on offer you seem very clued up on the subject
No problem at all, Gareth. As I said, everyone here is always happy to help. It's just the way the threads are set up on this site, it tends to be easier to follow if new discussions are made vs posting them in the comments. I have been studying and collecting Queen only for 40 years now. It's a great hobby, but since my last son is still in college, my money is now better spent on that and the grandkids, so I've spent the last few years helping Queen fans find genuine items for their own collections. Let me know if you need any further assistance. Always happy to look something over for you.
Really appreciate your help, the research I've been doing it seems that it's a minefield of fakes or secretary copies the one site that keeps popping up is rare and signed but I've read that he deals in fakes too? Innuendo I would love your help if possible to find the real deal
Rareandsigned is one of the worst places to get a signature. I'd be happy to help. Like many other members here I'd be happy to help you and let you know when a genuine Freddie becomes available via ebay or private sale. By the way- nice profile pic. "Adventure seeker, on an empty street!" Did you see the band play with Freddie? I and a few others followed them and a couple other bands throughout the 70s and 80s. Saw Freddie and total of 44 times in my younger years. The Eagles nearly 30 times. Back when music was solid.

I'll ask aound for you and see if anyone in the Queen collecting community is selling.
Unfortunately I was to young to see them, my dad seen them a couple of times in the 70s that's were I got to love them and there music is timeless, that's amazing did you ever meet them? That would be amazing if you could help it seems a minefield
Saw Queen in 74 as an opening act for another band up north and got the tickets for free since my brother worked at the venue. Imagine, seeing them play and them watching them just get off the stage after the show and get drinks and order food 20 feet from you. Well, nobody in America really cared who they were at the time and I didn't bother going up to meet them. How ironic is that. I got really interested in them a few months later and the next time I saw them it was impossible to just walk up to them. I never got to meet the boys, but I've met quite a few family members, and personal assistants. Jim Hutton, of course- most of the people who attended Queen conventions in the 90s met him. I was lucky enough to have a mutual friend with him who introduced us. I'll add you here, and keep you posted if I see anything come up.
Really its mad hoe they never really broke the USA. We're I live in the UK nottingham freddie sister and mother who's recently passed live about 6 miles from me, but I've never bothered them tho my girlfriend sees his sister from time to time. I would really appreciate that, to have something he has signed would be amazing

Innuendo is THE guy to go to for Queen!

Thanks for the kind words, Mupplvr- all the best

I want a set of queen signatures, but, wouldn't buy them till the man himself innuendo see's them first and gives me the of the best.....and, very modest as well

That's how I was able to get mine with confidence!



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