You would think a forger would have enough sense to be consistent, right? Historydirect on ebay has 3 totally different style George Reeves forgeries up for sale now. All 3 are way off! You have to wonder about the IQ of these people. Seriously!

see for yourself

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It blows my mind. If I knew I had an authentic high end autograph, I would spend a few extra bucks and have it authenticated. Makes the sale easier and pretty much guarantees you make more money.

These outfits do their "own" authenticating, which is generally meaningless. These signatures are so bad, this indicates they did not do any research, assuming they obtained them from an outside source. These signatures are so bad, no one in their right mind would hold these out as authentic--yet they did. You can draw all kinds of conclusions from that. But, they did withdraw them after I complained.

It's like the inmates running the asylum:

The laws against forgery are clear, but it is rare that anything is done against autograph forgers. That is the problem. It should not be ignored.

History Direct is (insert your favorite four-letter-word).




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