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It won't be. Only online retailers. Only announced through social media.

Weird, just ordered one from JPC.de, and they immediately sent an email cancelling it, for not being in stock/not deliverable to US.

That is odd. Mine went through and I am in the U.S.

It is only limited to 1 article. If you ordered more, then maybe that is why it bombed out.

Attention: We have removed this item from your order as it is unfortunately not intended for shipping outside the EU.
Godsmack: Lighting Up The Sky (Limited Signed Edition) (Exklusiv für jpc!)

My order 95774077 has not been cancelled. I will probably know more tomorrow if they cancel or not due to the time now in Germany. Their website does state that they ship to the United States. In any case, not sure why my order did not get cancelled right away. It does show it is still open.

I managed to order from jpc.de and it didn't cancel my order, that said I'm not from the US...

I follow the band on social media.

Everything is announced on Instagram and Facebook.

Le Noise is Canada and is legit.

JPC went on sale looks like about 5am CST but only for Germany is what one person commented (they were in the UK and not allowed to buy). I tried to order it when I saw it was on sale before it was announced and it said EUR only and would not allow me to purchase it since I'm in the USA.

Newbury sold out in an hour and I'm very upset.

If anyone can help me snag a signed CD insert from Newbury that would be awesome. I would repay you the amount you paid. I've been a fan for 23 years. I never had this much problem with signed items in the past. My last signed CD insert from Godsmack from Newbury Comics was When Legends Rise in 2018. It was so easy and didn't sell out fast. I'm guessing the band signed a lot less this time. I think that's stupid. I was also upset that Newbury allowed for 5 signed items per household instead of one per person with the lithographs. They are already up on eBay as signed pre-ordered for outrageous amounts. It's highway robbery. I knew nothing about Le Noise until it was sold out (they were offering shipping to the US). I cannot be glued 24/7 to social media. Again it's the only way to find out when they go on sale. I even tried to sign up for the newsletter with Newbury Comics but got an error message. I emailed them to let them know and I never heard back. I guess they don't want people to have their newsletter. I just want a signed CD insert. I would love a signed lithograph (for the LP) but it's not the end of the world. It would be pretty. It would also be awesome for my Godsmack collection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It was the same thing with the Disturbed - Divisive signed vinyl pre-order. People were selling them for outrageous prices on eBay, like 150-250$ a piece, and after the album was out they started to lower the prices. I got my copy from eBay for about 60 pounds, and it was worth it. Legit copy ofcourse.

I'm pretty sure it will be the same with this release by Godsmack. You should wait to see the prices slowly drop on eBay and snag it when you can.

Thanks for the input. I just hope people don't fake the signatures ya know? It is sadly so easy on eBay (not the band but people). It's not like Ozzy who did with Ordinary Man. I saw a video of the band members signing the lithographs and CD inserts. I also know they would never pull a stunt like pre printed signatures. I am seriously surprised their pre ordered items on their website have not sold out. They also didn't have bundles for this album. They began doing bundles with 1000hp and I loved it. I'm actually okay with it this time. I ordered on November 11th a CD, an LP and a t-shirt. Thank you for your kind reply too. I am new and I was worried folks would tell me I already have signed items why do I need more. Because I'm a huge fan. I could go on and on but then it would turn into a novel.

I noticed Tori Amos wasn't too expensive (yes eclectic music tastes) when I finally found her CD insert on eBay. Now Ozzy's for Patient Number 9, it still cost me about $80 or so. Yeah I was up late last night and Lighting up the Sky signed lithograph pre order on eBay is already at $150 or higher. It was $34 rounding up before shipping and any taxes through Newbury Comics.


I just don't want to be ripped off on eBay. I've been a member since 1998 and every autograph I bought early on, were all fakes. I was young and it was before eBay had any protection in place and hard rules and before PayPal was ever around. It was all around bad. I didn't know until someone told me last year on another site I belong to and I showed photos and they confirmed the fakes. I was seriously crushed. Sadly even with rules people still sell fake autographs. I really don't want to be ripped off.

Newbury has been known to do restocks. I check that site frequently and if I notice it, I'll repost here -- just keep notifications on for this thread.

Thank you Marshall! Yes, that was one thing I took my time on this morning. I hit the option to get emails. They've been coming in right on time. You rock! 


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