Hi Everyone. A buddy of mine has this album supposedly signed by Gregg Allman. I think it's a forgery, but he says the guy he got it from is a trustworthy person. I've gotten Allman many times in person, and while this looks similar, something is just off about it. I would welcome other opinions on this. Am I wrong, and it's real...or am I right and it's fake? Thanks!!

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I agree with you Devon, i have several of Allman, and this one looks off.

Thanks, Carl. That's exactly what I thought. Hopefully some others will chime in also.

Looks off to me as well.   I have a few in person as well.

I tend to think it's okay, and here's why. Gregg Allman is popular and even classic, but he's not someone who needs to be forged. He's more accessible than a lot of people, as evidenced by his recent book signing tour. He also has a signature that varies. This has driven me nuts at times, but I'm not in a position to tell him to sign his name just one way. If someone wanted to forge him, why add "Thanks", which Allman sometimes does? When he does, it looks just like your example (which I've placed at the top of the provided pics). Depending on how much this costs I probably wouldn't buy it, but that wouldn't be as much over concerns about authenticity as, instead, my desire to get a different piece. The examples I've provided are all for sale on eBay right now. Of course, I can be as wrong as the next guy. PS - Looks like Gregg is a southpaw.

I think its probably good to.

Thanks for the opinion, Jamil. I've met Gregg several times, and he's not as accessible as you might think. On his book signing tour, the number of books was limited and he STRICTLY refused to sign ANY other items. After shows he is also hit or miss, and almost always personalizes when he signs albums - specifically Eat A Peach. I agree with you about his changing signature styles, but one thing that is consistent is the style of his "n". In all of the examples you post, and all my in-person sigs, his "n" is the same style. However, if you look at the example I posted originally, the "n" in Allman is like this, but the "n" in "Thanks" is not. In your examples, the "n" in "Thanks" is consistent in terms of style with the "n" in Allman. A small discrepancy, but a discrepancy nonetheless. It makes me think the forger noticed it in the Allman, but didn't think to do it in the "Thanks". It still looks bad too me.

I don't know about the sig.  And I'm not taking issue with Jamil otherwise.

But...I have learned something about forgers.  They will forge ANY signature...even the most obscure...if they see an opportunity to make a few bucks.

By the way, Gregg is doing another book signing tomorrow afternoon in NYC.

You are right. I attended two of his book signings so far and he signed nothing but the book. I am going tomorrow to another and hoping he feels better than his last go round. I bet its the same.

Thats really interesting Devon, that is actually the same reason i didnt like it. It could be potentially good, but i still have my doubts. And the reason a forger would forge Allman, is the same reason a forger would forge anyone...........money. Forgers forge anyone and everyone, and Allmans signature isnt invaluable. Most wont let one go for under 50 bucks, and thats not bad money for a forger if he can sell them consistently. And the inscription of Thanks would be perfectly reasonable for a forger as well. As you pointed out, Allman sometimes does write that, so its very likely that a forger could use it. I see your point with the examples you posted and you may very well be right. You raise some very good points. But Allman is forged all the time, i see it on ebay pretty consistently. The forgers these days are disgusting, they go for anybody and everybody.

Thanks, Carl. Great minds think alike, maybe :) I've seen examples of Allman Brothers pieces signed authentically by the other 3 living members (Trucks, Jaimoe & Betts) and then "completed" with an obvious Gregg Allman forgery. You are right that forgers will do anything because it is easy to sell to an uninformed (in terms of autographs) public. I may tell my friend to ask Roger Epperson for a quick opinion, but I still feel pretty confident it's not authentic.

I appreciate everyone's feedback. That's just one of the reasons this site is so valuable!

I appreciate all of the comments, too. I think that it's this type of constructive feedback that makes a forum like this extremely valuable. Out of curiosity, is there some more provenance from your buddy about the album? Is he saying that he got it himself, or how did he get it? A vendor? Sometimes one can tell a lot by the other items that a vendor has for sale - kind of the rotten apple spoiling the whole bunch theory. Trust me - I hate forgers as much as anyone and like to see them exposed for what they are. Thanks everyone.

Thanks, Jamil! I thought the same thing and asked him. He said he can't remember exactly, but is "pretty sure" he got it a few years ago from a dealer(?) in Florida that he's bought things from before. Not exactly an iron-clad statement of trust, huh? :) So at this point, I'm just telling him it's a mixed bag in terms of what people on here think about the authenticity...but I AM glad I don't own it!



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