Hi, new to the club here, thanks for having me- I hope I can get some help!  I picked up an autographed Gibson Epiphone Junior at an auction, but I can’t figure out who signed it (aside from the high likelihood, I know, that’s it’s a fake charity auction signature, so let’s say I’d like to at least know whose signature it’s SUPPOSED to be). Not concerned about value, I got it cheap and will just plunk on it but I don’t want to wear down the signature if it’s someone good!  Thanks in advance to the brain trust here. I’m seeing it in this orientation as “John” someone, but maybe it’s upside down. 

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I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here, possibly John Mellencamp? 

I think I have to go with Sydney on this one- mellencamp does a pretty prominent “P” at the end. Thanks!

My sense is it's John Fogerty (or supposed to be).

That seems very plausible now that I look at it and compare against others. His signature is all over the place. Good call, thank you!

Like I said I was taking a shot but yeah that looks like a very sloppy Fogerty as evidenced by exemplars on Google.

Lol, it had me googling!

bottom looks like a bad kirk hammet kh

my other guess would be jason

not fogerty or meloncamp



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