Have you ever seen a Muhammad Ali autograph signed as Cassius Clay? Check it Out! How much is it worth???

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Ali signed as Cassius Clay, but often making it "Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay." His autographs as Clay do carry a premium, but they're not EXTREMELY rare. 

Thanks Mike. How much do you think are they worth compared to about a $400 standard Ali signature?

Not really sure man, but if a standard Ali glove goes for $400-600, a one signed with Clay is easily $1000+

Yeah...well this one is on a card not a glove or picture. Some people value his signature according to what it's on.

If you find 5 vintage Clay (circa 60-64) signatures in auctions throughout a year then you've done well 

are you sure this one is authentic?

I was going to say the same thing terrier8HOF.

I think he did sign some proline cards, but some are fake proline cards and pre-printed signatures. Personally I wouldn't touch them 

This one looks way off to me that is why I questioned it

It looks bad to me too unfortunately.  


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