I have been reading discussions on this platform pertaining to JFK authentic or secretarial signed letters. I appreciate the opinions of everyone that contributes to them including John Reznikoff, Herman Darvick, and Andreas Wiemer. I have attached an image of a JFK signed letter from 1953 that I need help determining if its authentic or not. I have done some research myself but I always value the opinion and perspective of others. So if you feel you can contribute in some way please feel free to do so. Thanks!

   - Frank

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I do believe this is authentic.  The connection between the o and h is indicative of Kennedy’s style.  But, of course, see what others think.

Also, the shape of the J looks.  Kennedy, generally speaking I believe, didn’t start using an autopen until the later 50s.  

I'm leaning towards it's authentic as well based off of Charles Hamilton's work and examples of authentic signatures during 1953. However the only thing throwing me off is this example of a letter sent just two days prior to the one I provided earlier. Would he switch his style of signatures in that short of a time frame? Thanks for your feedback.

The short answer is:  yes!   There are examples throughout the years of JFK altering his styles in very short time frames.  There were also times when, seemingly randomly, he would sign in a style he hadn’t used in a few years.  A good example is what is being touted as JFK’s last autograph signed on November 22, 1963.  A military man is able to get JFK to sign a piece of paper just as JFK is about to board his flight to Dallas.  The signature JFK provided has been dubbed his “campaign-style” autograph.  It was a quick signature which he employed primarily when he was out on the campaign trail running for president.  But in that moment in 1963, JFK used his 1960 style signature.

There was a joke that went around that JFK could sign 5 consecutive autographs in less than a minute, and each one would look like they were done in a completely different hand!  These are both examples of his 1960 campaign autograph signed just as he was about to board Air Force One for Dallas.

That is a great explanation and an interesting story. I read somewhere (I believe on here) that some mistake a letter signed John or Jack to be authentic because of the informal signing of just his first name but indeed can very much be secretarial. Have you ever heard that?

That is also a yes.  There are indeed secretarial versions of John and Jack.  

Do you know any examples of those secretarial John and Jack? Appreciate your feedback.

Hi Frank, sorry I didn’t reply sooner.  As soon as I get a chance, I’ll see if I can’t find some examples in my exemplars.  It may be a little while.  I’ve got a bunch of photos and the exemplars are scattered throughout.  I need to put them in their own album!  

No need to apoligize James, take your time. Like I said I appreciate all the help I can get. 

Would you mind if I messaged you directly?

Here are three secretarial Jacks.  I’ll see if I can find some secretarial Johns.  I thought there were some.  I’m not 100% certain in that regard.  But here are the Jacks.

I believe that this is okay, IMO... I might Purchase if it's cheap enough or otherwise I would hold out for one with the Kennedy.



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