Hope to Find More Amazing Items Here! [WARNING: SPAM FROM MMP COLLECTIBLES]

[EDITOR'S NOTE: This is spam with fake profiles from MMP Collectibles, which is a place that members here recommend that you avoid because of forgery concerns.]

Thank you https://mmpcollectibles.com/ for the wonderful collectibles you have. I bought Eagles Band Hotel California Album for just $137.50. In the contrary, on eBay, it will cost  $999.  It was signed by all of its members. Isn't amazing? At first, I thought it was fake but I risked it. I went to a pawnshop asking if my album is genuine and they said it is. Hope to find more amazing items here.

This is the picture of the album I bought.

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I wouldn’t touch anything from that place. It’s similar to Antiquities of Las Vegas or California! Pretty much all of those “high quality” Las Vegas memorabilia shops are filled to the brim with junk forgeries!

I also buy stuff here. I swear to god these items are good and genuine! 

No they are not, their Runaways items and No Doubt signed items are completely fake!
Just read this thread, plenty of knowledgeable collectors have stated their opinions of this site!


thanks rex dennings! You save me from confusion. I will start to search more items here to add to my collections.

Samantha please do not buy anything from that place.
To anyone who sees this post believing these items are real! Use some common sense as far as pricing, placement, the pen colors they’re using is pretty bad! Multiple pen colors on a single items is usually a tell tell sign of it being fake! Don’t buy from here unless you want to be ripped off and wasting your money!

uhhhmm I don't know what's with you men. I'm just here to express my gratification to this site. It's up with you if you want to believe it or not.

When you guys learn that authenticy has nothing to do with believe. If a dealer is selling something for 10% of what he could sell the item then he either is a horrible business man or a scammer. And I just checked their page all fake as hell. Very stupied idea to promote this scammer on this forum. Oh wow they must be real they have 166 signed Bob Dylan items for sale and... and... oh my god signed pick guards by Queen incl. Mercury... come on even the smallest experience and commen sense you will see that this is all b*******

+1 That’s what I’ve been trying to tell these people but they just don’t get it!

After all I think Rex may be related to the seller or is the seller itself and tried to advertise his page this way, who knows

All 3 profiles promoting MMP are fake SPAM ones from the Philippines. They have been suspended.



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